You're not alone

Suicide Loss Foundation believes in “Life after Loss.” We offer compassionate care to survivors of suicide loss through bereavement specialists, a reading resource library and recommended support services. Our mission is to offer these life-giving benefits free to those who cannot afford them because everyone should have the assistance after a loss (postvention) they need regardless of income. Our vision is that no one goes unsupported.

Thank you for your sustaining generosity

Suicide Loss Foundation believes the needs of a survivor to suicide loss is time critical. We know every loss is unique and so are the surrounding conversations and personal needs of everyone involved. The mission of Suicide Loss Foundation is to provide the necessary (postvention) care to a loved one after a loss to suicide at “No Charge” as quickly as possible. To partner with our cause, please select DONATE NOW to read more about the valuable life giving help your generous donation will provide. Suicide Loss Foundation is a 501c organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Suicide Loss Foundation Recommended Reading

Everyone processes their loss in their own unique way. That is why Suicide Loss Foundation believes in providing survivors of suicide loss with the reading materials available to begin the healing process. All our recommended reading choices have been personally selected by our trained professionals to assist you in your healing journey.

Local and National Providers

Suicide Loss Foundation knows we are not alone in our passion to serve survivors of suicide loss. We also know we can’t do it alone, the need is great and the soldiers are few. That is why we are thankful for the many organizations that partner with us to grow an army to help survivors of suicide loss find Life After Loss.